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 Summitting Kilimanjaro For the Kids

To raise awareness of the Ronald McDonald House mission, our fathers summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of climbers in 1998. After losing our fathers to cancer and heart failure, we first explored the idea to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in honor of their lives. However, as we were taught and what we truly believe today, it is not about us, it is about making a difference in the lives of others who are faced everyday with challenges that at times, seem unbearable. Climbing a mountain to us is a symbol of battling these life challenges, whether it is a child with a life threatening condition or their parents who continually battle for the ones they love most.


The ascent up Mt. Kilimanjaro and the challenging trek down symbolize the extreme battles cancer patients (including their families) endure at the Ronald McDonald House. We’ve learned that life doesn’t stop when obstacles get in the way. You cannot stay idle, you need to continue battling. We are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro because we want to make a difference. We climb to remind you that as much as you want to give up at times, there is hope and to continue climbing.
Please help us move one step closer to fulfilling our goal by donating today. You can follow our progress by visiting our website at  There we will include updates, news on fundraising events and how we are impacting the community today.
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Allison, Christine & Kiel